Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Rest

Company Profile

Whether you are a long time fan of Turtle Soup, or are trying the rare delicacy for the first time, Ser Seng is the place to have it.

Moving into the 1960, Ser Seng progressed to a push cart with a fixed location. During the 80s the Tai Seng district was undergoing a lot of development, with the attendant dust, pollution, noise and un-cleanliness.

The perfectionist in Mr Tan was upset, he felt that the environment wasn’t very conducive to the quality he was trying to build. This prompted a move to the current air-conditioned shop in Tai Thong Crescent now. With the historic Ser Seng shingle once aged prominently displayed many old time customers from the early days managed to find their way back to their most favourite turtle soup.