Mummy Baby Care

Company Profile

I was trained in accountancy by profession (ACCA) but I have since changed my focus after having two children. I realized that I cannot learn enough to prepare myself for childbirth, baby car, breastfeeding and parenting. I quest for knowledge and I love to study.

Along the way, I take up various courses to equip myself with different skills to help mums in their transition to motherhood. I take care of you to make sure that you recover well from childbirth-emotionally and physically. It is the mind, body and soul. I do energy work; provide physical massage and emotional support (debrief birth experience, dealing with baby blues, talk about lochia).

In addition, I make sure that you have some ‘ME time’ to look after yourself and give yourself a facial massage.

As I do energy work on mum, I can see that some have very dry and cracked heel, like I do, so I also offer to do something about it.